about me


Shirley Wong / Artist / Traveller

Shirley was born in Canton.and based live in Canton China,She also spend half year travelling around some of Europe countries.

Shirley Made achievement in the fields of arts(music/painting),learning painting and photograpgy from the renowned American Chinese artist Cheng Hoi.

Shirley has frequently traveled around and studied in Europe.and she pays visits to Africa and countries with an ancient civilization such as India every year to seek Inspiration.

Shirley expresses her feeling and love for the nature through visual art.and she displays her incredible talent.sense and comprehensive artistic qualities in both photograpgy and painting,Her paintings feature vibrant and bright colors that resemble the rolling thythm of musical notes.creating a rich expression indicated thtough the well spaced brushstrokes and the special technique on texture.She enjoys visualizing such music as serenade,sonata,waltz,concerto,symphony,fantasia and pastoral songs using the form of painting In recent years,her major series of work includes “Visual fantasia”,”Pastoral fantasia”,”The color Maniac”and “Increible India “etc…

Shirley’s Art works has been widely collected by indivdual collectors and art organizations.

Her travel note books :
India <the color Maniac 
Switzerland <Tears of the Alps> 
ltaly <Acqua Alta>
working on <four pieces of Greek>

Solo exhibitions :

2019 “the greatest sounds of silence” Chongqing/Cheng du .China

2018 “Pastoral Fantasia “Tillsamman art cafe Zurich.Switzerland

2017”Blue&white”photograpgy work .EMG Guangzhou.china

2015”Pastoral”Castel Pietrsio.Toscana.ltaly

2014”The Color Maniac”OCT Shenzhen.China

2012”Visual Fantaisa”TEMBUSU gallery .Singapore

2012”Incredible India”photo works.University of Sciece &Technology Guangzhou.China.

2011”Incredible India Abstract work.EMG Guangzhou.China.

2009 VIsual Fantasia”225 Art space.Guangzhou.China

2008”peece of door”photo works .XiaoZhou Jian Temple.China

Group Exhibitions

2019 Leevan Art Fair Shenzhen .China

2012”Contemporary Chinese”Guangzhou/Beijing.China

2011”South Chinese Artists group exhibition”GuangZhou/Shenzhen .China.

2010”Four lmages”International Abstract exhibition

2010 “Contemporary women “exhibition Canton.China

2009 “Chinese Contemporary “Guangzhou .China